General Information
This journal offers a place to all questions dealing with ethics. The main themes handled vary from general theory to practical ethical questions concerning societies. The journal encourages, but is not limited to studies on the links between economics and ethics. More general economic issues are also sought for. Articles could be submitted by any person/s who would contribute to the debate.

The review committee consists of an international panel which guarantees the journal’s high quality and impartiality. Its presence on the internet offers total independence from all institutions, thus guaranteeing the journal’s impartiality.

The journal consists of 5 main sections as indicated below. Contributions should be sent directly via e-mail to the persons concerned.

  1. Articles
    In charge: Jérôme Ballet
  2. Straight to the Point
    In charge: David Robichaud
  3. Business Ethics
    In charge : Alain Anquetil
  4. Interview
    In charge : Damien Bazin

ISSN : 1639-1306